Sample Appointment Letter

salary negotiation

Dear Mr. XYZ
We are pleased to appoint you to the position of (NAME OF POSITION), in our organization on the following terms and conditions.

  1. Your appointment takes effect from your date of joining the duties on (DATE).

  2. Your basic pay will be (BASIC SALARY) per month.

  3. In addition to the basic pay you will also be entitled to payment of allowances and benefits as per Annexure-I attached hereto.

  4. Provident fund, Gratuity etc. shall be applied as per the Govt. rules in force from time to time.

  5. Increments and promotions are on the basis of merits and will be at the sole discretion of the company.

  6. You will be initially on probation for a period of six months. Upon satisfactory completion of probation period, you will be confirmed in the company’s employment and a letter confirming you in employment will then be issued by the company. Satisfactory completion of probationary period or otherwise shall depend upon your performance during the period of probation, including your achieving the norms set for your job by the management. During the period of probation and thereafter your services can be terminated by giving one months notice or notice pay in lieu of notice period.

  7. Your present place of work will be at (Plant Name / Branch Name) but during course of employment in this company, you shall be liable to be posted/transferred anywhere to serve any of the company plant or any other establishment of the management.

  8. As per exigencies of work and keeping in mind your stability, you shall be liable to be transferred at the discretion of the management, from one work, department, section or job to any other, in which case your designation could else be suitably changed. In such a situation, your salary and other terms of appointment shall, however, remain unchanged.

  9. You shall be retired from the services of the company on attaining the age of 60 years and shall not have any claim to be continued in service thereafter.

  10. This appointment and your continuation in employments are subject to your having found medically (physically and mentally) fit by the authorized Medical Officer of the company.

  11. You will not (except in the normal course of the company’s business) publish any article or statement , deliver any lecture or broadcast or make any communication to the press (including magazine) any matter with which the company may be concerned, unless you have previously applied to and obtained the written permission from the company.

  12. You will be required to comply with all such rules and regulations as the company may frame from time to time.

  13. In case any information furnished by you in connection with the above appointment is found incorrect at any state or correct information is found suppressed, you will be liable to be terminated from the services at any time.

  14. Any of our technical or other important information which might come into you possession during the continuance of your appointment with us shall not be disclosed, divulged or made public by you when you are with us or even thereafter.

  15. If, at any time in your opinion, which is final in this matter you are found guilty of dishonesty, disobedience, disorderly behavior, forgery, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission or any other conduct conserved by us deterrent to our interest or of violation of one or more terms of this letter, your services may be terminated without notice.

  16. You will not accept any present, commission or any sort of gratification in cash or kind from any person, part or firm or company having dealing with the company and if you are offered any, you should immediately report the same to the management,

  17. You will be responsible for safekeeping and return in good condition and order of all company property, which may be in your use, custody or change.

If you accept, the terms and conditions above mentioned, please sign the declaration in the duplicate and return to us the original shall be retained by you.
We welcome you as a member of our organization and look forward to a fruitful collaboration.
With best wishes,
For ABC Co. Ltd.

General Manager HR
I agree to accept employment on the terms and conditions above mentioned. The original of this letter is in my possession.

Accept ____________________
[Name of the Candidate]

NAME [Name of candidate]
Designation [Position]
Department [Name of the Department]
Salary Rs. (Per Month) Rs. (PA)
Special Allowances
Total Amount
Manager / GM HR

Accepted [Y/N]_______

Name :- [ ]
Signature ____________________